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Remote Air Force Installations
Long Term Monitoring and Management

Rescon provided long term monitoring, investigation, and compliance services at multiple Pacific Air Force Installations across Alaska.  Some of the sites involved with this project are among the most challenging sites to perform work in Alaska, due to the remoteness and the propensity for extremely inclement weather. Despite the complex logistical challenges and the likelihood of severe weather, Rescon executed each of the requirements outlined in the performance work statement, while doing so in a manner that reduced costs for the client. Tasks included under this contract included characterizing and delineating multiple areas of POL and PCB contamination, designing/installing Land-Use Control signage, performance of Land-Use Control inspections, conducting analytical sampling programs at 15 individual sites, performing statistical trend analyses to evaluate plume stability and to identify potential contaminant trends, and provided estimated timelines for contaminant attenuation. A streamlined resource and staffing management system was instrumental in ensuring the successful coordination and execution of all the project tasks at each of the five remote USAF installations. The project tasks were completed within a two-month period at the end of the 2017 field season with no data discrepancies or errors, incident free, ahead of schedule and under budget.

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