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Underground Storage Tank UST Removal

Underground Storage Tank Site Assessments & Removals

The Rescon team is highly experienced with the procedures for conducting underground storage tank (UST) checks, assessments and investigations to support tank closures. We provide our clients full assistance in meeting Agency regulatory sampling and documentation requirements. Our thorough understanding of soil permeability, contaminant mobility and the potential exposure to the various corresponding receptors enables an exacting approach to speedily define the condition of the environmental media in vicinity of the storage tank. Our project managers are highly knowledgeable of the specific regulatory reporting and documentation requirements necessary to ensure compliance with state and local government agencies. 

The services Rescon provides for clients with underground storage tanks include: reviewing agency property records to identify UST locations and use history, notifications to regulatory agencies of intent to close USTs, geophysical surveys to locate subgrade structures (i.e. USTs and associated piping), performance of UST site assessments and investigations and the associated reporting, soil and groundwater sampling in accordance with regulatory requirements, UST Removal and Disposal, and development and execution of corrective action plans and site closure reports.

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