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Rescon Alaska is a full service remediation system fabrication shop.  The Rescon Alaska team has over 20 years of experience designing and fabricating remediation systems throughout the state of Alaska.  

Rescon understands first hand the hurdles with remediation in the Arctic, and has made a career of overcoming these hurdles. With the remote nature of Alaska sites, and the high costs of re-work, we know the importance of building systems right the first time. Our remedial knowledge starts with a foundation of sound engineering principals and remediation specific design coursework. Built on that foundation is a long resume of design, construction, operation and maintenance of remediation systems. Our experience has been crucial in helping our clients reach their site treatment objectives and gain site closure.

Our remediation systems are built in Alaska with a 100% Alaskan workforce.  By building our systems in Alaska, we mitigate the high cost of shipping a system from the Lower 48.  Additionally, an Alaska based construction facility allows our Alaska clients to visit the system at all phases of construction.  If design changes occur, we can work through them with our clients face to face to come up with the best solution.


Remediation System Fabrication

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