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Eielson RA-C


Rescon Alaska was contracted by CES-Insight as the environmental field team lead for the remedial action effort at six Compliance Restoration Program sites on Eielson Air Force Base near North Pole, Alaska. Rescon developed a UFP-QAPP for all project activities to establish the organizational structure, the project objectives, develop the remedial approach and outline the field sample collection and waste characterization and handling methods in accordance with RCRA, TSCA and ADEC regulatory requirements.

During the remedial action, Rescon personnel excavate and sampled over 10,000 cubic yards of soil, over 2,000 cubic yards of which was considered petroleum contaminated and thermally treated offsite.  Field screening and analytical sampling was performed to document waste removal.  Field personnel ensured that waste streams were managed according to applicable RCRA and ADEC regulations.  A comprehensive report was prepared to document remedial action activities.

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