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Rescon Alaska was contracted by Weston Solutions as the environmental field team lead for the corrective action effort at the former West Sak 16 Exploration Drill Site operated by ConocoPhillips, Alaska.   During the corrective action, Rescon personnel managed the excavation and removal of over 800 cubic yards of petroleum impacted and high salinity/low pH soil to support the re-establishment of vegetative cover on the former exploration site.  Field screening and analytical sampling was performed to document waste removal per the Corrective Action Plan specifications.  Field personnel also ensured that waste streams were managed according to applicable RCRA and ADEC regulations.  A comprehensive report was prepared to document corrective action activities in support of site closure that was granted by the ADEC in March, 2014.    

West Sak 16 Corrective Action Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

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